Matthews Signs, LLC

Under our new ownership and management structure, we have implemented our 3-year, strategic plan to include the expanding of our geographic footprint to service all of California.

Our services will reach to Northern California (Sacramento and north coastal), Central Valley, Los Angeles and Riverside counties with the same great services we currently provide.

For more information on the timing of the expansion feel free to contact Stephen Jones at:


or email him at:

Matthews Signs, LLC Equipment & Personnel

What We Do:

Survey, Permitting, Installation, Service, Lighting, Vinyl Graphic, Manufacturing, Vinyl Graphic

Where We Install, Survey, Permit, Do Lighting, Install Vinyl Graphics:

San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Imperial, San Bernardino

Where We Service:

San Diego, Imperial and Orange Counties

Contractors’ License Designations and Certifications for California

  • C-45 Signs
  • C-10 Electrical
  • Certifications in welding of various types
  • Photometric Calculation

Our Equipment

Two 60ft Elliot cranes, two 40ft bucket trucks, three Installation/Service trucks, various lifts available up to 130ft, swing stage and scaffolding.